Magnet Systems
Level meters
Dilution refrigerators
Measurement systems

- Click here fore a more detailed, non-exhaustive list in pdf-format (updated March 2024)

- Greases, Glues and Varnishes
    °Low T grease
    °Vacuum grease
    °IMI 7031
    °Glue for fiberglass
    °Conducting varnishes and epoxies

- Cryogenic Resistance Wires
    °Fine copper
    °Very fine silver for contacting
    °Very fine gold for contacting
    °Phosphor-Bronze in twisted pair
    °Quad Manganin in two twisted pairs, insulated
    °Quad Phosphor-Bronze in two twisted pairs
    °Quad Phosphor-Bronze, four wires twisted

- Superconducting Wires
    °NbTi (insulated or not)
    °NbTi in copper matrix (single filament or multifilament, insulated or not)
    °NbTi in CuNi matrix (insulated or not)
    °Nb (insulated or not)

   Wire Resistance Table in pdf-format

- Coax Cables for Cryogenic Applications (single wire, twisted pair, triple or quad)
    °Superconducting - NbTi/CuNi or
    °With brass central conductor(s)
    °With copper central conductor(s)
    °Non magnetic (brass)
    °Low noise (brass or CuNi)
   Coax cable data sheet in pdf-format (updated March 2024)

- Electrical connectors for low temperatures

- Vacuum electrical feedthroughs

- Ready-to-use cable assemblies with connectors and/or feedthroughs

- Thermometers for low temperatures (with or without wiring)

- Bondable terminals for thermal anchoring

- Indium Wires
- Indium Foils

- Insulating sleeves
    °High temperature resistant

- Capillary tubings
    °CuNi - German Silver
    °CuNi - 70-30 alloy
    °Stainless Steel

- Rubber bladders for helium transfer

- 3He for cryostat operation

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